Joshua Corman is the Director of Security Intelligence for Akamai Technologies and has more than a decade of
experience with security and networking software. Most recently he served as Research Director for Enterprise
Security at The 451 Group following his time as Principal Security Strategist for IBM Internet Security Systems. Mr.
Corman’s research cuts across sectors to the core security challenges plaguing the IT industry, and helps to drive
evolutionary strategies toward emerging technologies and shifting economics. His research and education efforts
won him the title of Top Influencer of IT by NetworkWold magazine in 2009.

Mr. Corman is a candid and highly-coveted speaker with engagements at leading industry events such as RSA,
DEFCON, Interop, ISACA, and SANS. As a staunch advocate for CISOs, Corman also serves as a Fellow with
the Ponemon Institute, on the Faculty for IANS, and co-founded Rugged Software – a value-based initiative to
raise awareness and usher in an era of secure digital infrastructure. Corman received his bachelor’s degree in
philosophy, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude, from the University of New Hampshire. He resides
with his wife and two daughters in New Hampshire.

Corman can be found on twitter @joshcorman and on his blog at


Security is Dead. Long Live Rugged DevOps: IT at Ludicrous Speed

Cloud IT velocity is breathtaking: while most IT struggle with monthly releases, agile IT businesses routinely conjure thousands of AWS servers, performing over 10 deploys per day. This agility delights the business and terrifies security. DevOps aligns the former adversaries of Dev and Ops. Security needs to enable ludicrous speed or be left behind. We make a case for Rugged DevOps as an answer.